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A walk with a husky in Ukraine

2021.10.17 13:01 SubstantialLab3297 A walk with a husky in Ukraine

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2021.10.17 13:01 tembikaisusumakkau 6,145 new cases today

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2021.10.17 13:01 Double_Nekker UK - Advice needed for fixing broken plug outlet

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2021.10.17 13:01 RaulTiru 12 Essential Social Media Tools for Nonprofits

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2021.10.17 13:01 Luwipa White House Career Advice

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2021.10.17 13:01 MorrisThe_ChatRouge Andre hates Marichat

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2021.10.17 13:01 lscottewart Carroll County Football: Week 7 scores and standings from October 15th plus updated power rankings

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2021.10.17 13:01 nigredo_lab Halloween pendant with a secret on the back.

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2021.10.17 13:01 SevenGill-Shark What character would a spanking scene be the most fitting for?

View Poll
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2021.10.17 13:01 that_guy991 Moroccan writers of reddit.

what do you think about the literature market in Morocco? how hard do you think it is to publish a novel and the competition around that?
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2021.10.17 13:01 kpblm_info V&V Apartment, Odessa

V&V Apartment, Odessa V&V Apartment, Odessa https://vv-apartment.kpblm.info/en Set in Odessa, 1.8 km from Odessa Theatre of Opera and Ballet, V&V Apartment offers accommodation with a restaurant, free WiFi and a 24-hour front desk. The air-conditioned accommodation is 2 km from Odessa Archaeological Museum. Tiraspolska Street 16, Odessa, 65020, Ukraine
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2021.10.17 13:01 autotldr Anonymous Google, Amazon workers decry deal with Israel

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 65%. (I'm a bot)

Several hundred anonymous workers at Google and Amazon said in an open letter published Tuesday that they did not support their employers' decision to build and provide cloud-based regional data centers and services to Israel, noting that they wanted all ties cut with the Israel Defense Forces.
According to the letter, published by The Guardian, more than 90 workers at Google and over 300 Amazon "Employees of conscience from diverse backgrounds" have signed on to the initiative.
"As workers who keep these companies running, we are morally obligated to speak out against violations of these core values. For this reason, we are compelled to call on the leaders of Amazon and Google to pull out of Project Nimbus and cut all ties with the Israeli military," read the letter, without mentioning the other entities that will be serviced.
"These contracts are part of a disturbing pattern of militarization, lack of transparency and avoidance of oversight," the letter read. The workers said the deal with the Israeli government was a continuation in the same vein - a contract "To sell dangerous technology to the Israeli military and government."
The letter notes that the contract was signed with Israel in May, "The same week that the Israeli military attacked Palestinians in the Gaza Strip - killing nearly 250 people, including more than 60 children." The letter does not note that the Israeli strikes were in response to Gaza-based terror groups firing thousands of projectiles toward civilians in Israel, causing a number of casualties.
Earlier this year, amid fighting between Israel and Gaza-based terror groups, Google employees asked management to review the company's contracts with and corporate donations to "Institutions that support Israeli violations of Palestinian rights," citing the Israel Defense Forces as an example of such an institution.
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2021.10.17 13:01 utatorix DSMP! Ranboo vs. OSMP! Ranboo

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2021.10.17 13:01 yumyumpod Nothing like a smiling Sinclair to brighten up the day.

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2021.10.17 13:01 HoodooVoodoo44 Good books/sources on interactions between Minoams and Egyptians

Hi guys, I've been fascinated by the cultural exchanges between Minoans and Egyptians recently. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any books or sources on this topic?
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2021.10.17 13:01 H0r0h0r0 Getting into smash?

I've long been thinking about getting into smash. I've always been a more single player story driven gamer but remember playing smash on 64 and loving it. Lately I've been wondering if its' too late to get into smash ultimate in terms of the games life expectancy and popularity or if I should just wait to the next entry. I've followed along the character reveals and know the last has been revealed reason for my thinking.
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2021.10.17 13:01 Garden-Warfarer I made the russian empire in 1914

I made the russian empire in 1914
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2021.10.17 13:01 Wild_Side_ I (22F) purposefully made my friend's (25M) gf (21F) jealous to be petty, I'm a bit guilty

So I did something out of character the other night and now I'm a tiny bit remorseful. My friend started dating this girl recently and she's absolutely the worst, she's very mean. Upon our first time meeting each other, she looked me up and down and sneered. Completely ignored me when I introduced myself, making all of our other friends very uncomfortable. Often times whenever they would come to hang out my apartment room, she would make rude comments about how small my place was or how she would have decorated it differently. When I served food for my friends, she would tell me that it was gross before proceeding to dump it on the floor. Like she's that mean. My friend (the bf) had cleaned it up and profusely apologized to me.
I heard from mutual friends that she would bitch about me, didn't want her bf to be around me for some reason. So whenever I would show up to hang out with everyone, she would whine (out loud) that I ruined her mood being there. Once her friend and I had to pick up some things at the store, so he drove us there. Just me and him, she absolutely went crazy when we showed up together at a mutual friends house. I started to get discouraged and avoiding hanging out with my friends whenever she would show up.
So my mutual friends begged me to come out for dinner and to ignore that bitch. So I finally wracked up the courage to go and she of course she started to give me dirty looks. I just had enough, I feel like I've been harassed... I get it's wrong, but I began talking to my friend (the bf). He's always been nice to me and I figure she shouldn't scare me away from talking to him. I complimented his hair and helped him out serving everyone (dinner was at a Korean BBQ restaurant). Was just extra nice to him is all (honestly, I wouldn't even call it flirting) well she was pissed off. I completely ignored her existence.
My friends found it hilarious and where laughing under their breath and snorting. They absolutely hate her as well, so they thought it was funny despite the pettiness. I do feel slightly bad for my friend (the bf), but she's been rude to absolutely everyone (but more so to me). He'd just let it happen and be a doormat because the "sex is good." So not really my problem?
Idk, I just don't want someone to scare me away from hanging out with my friends. I should stand my ground right?
TLDR: My friend gf is probably one of the worst human being I've met in my life. She's overpossessive about her bf (my friend), since she's been treating me like crap. I decided to slightly flirt (like actually speak to him because she's been scaring me away to even socialize with him) with her bf to be petty. It's a bit of retaliation in my opinion, I should continue to stand my ground right?
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2021.10.17 13:01 MurkyWay Swords ~ The Dragon Hunted

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2021.10.17 13:01 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Erin Moriarty

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2021.10.17 13:01 Some-Dog9800 What is it with the recent influx of unironic flat earther posts?

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2021.10.17 13:01 i_have_a_cold_soul alguien que habla español?

he buscado por alguien que habla español para jugar con.
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2021.10.17 13:01 -_Botat0_- what is the best weapon perk

I usually take commando first playthrough I went with rifleman and unarmed so for survival what is the best weapon class for a int chr build with low str and end
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2021.10.17 13:01 jenshike Octo buddies

Here is the set of two - this is my first attempt at this project
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2021.10.17 13:01 Midastouchedd [EUW] MID / TOP LF team for Clash tonight PLAT 4

ign: CrownedHead
High pref mid. But competent on top as well. Can speak english and dutch
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