[H] $25 Cracker Barrel gift card [W] $20 PayPal g&s or best offer

2021.11.29 13:47 Throwaway912345676 [H] $25 Cracker Barrel gift card [W] $20 PayPal g&s or best offer

Just looking to sell this gift card as I don’t have one near me. Happy holidays!
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2021.11.29 13:47 Expensive-Joke9766 So even the day 1 holder are in big loss now with this coin? I have 8 bil coins never received any reflection...... If price goes down lot of selling happened then y no reflection?

Share your experience
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2021.11.29 13:47 brakanah Lonely Child, ME , painting , 2021

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2021.11.29 13:47 ltnMT The Airbus H175M is just gorgeous [album]

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2021.11.29 13:47 TheRealBadKate Freelance work while studying in Spain?

I am American, but I currently live in Spain under a 8 month student visa. I want to begin offering various freelance gigs, including voiceover, copyediting and copywriting, online on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. I also recently obtained a TESOL certification, and would like to start offering private English lessons over Zoom to 1 or 2 students per week. Unlike other countries, Spain does not automatically grant students the ability to work on a long-term visa like mine. As far as I understand it, students may be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week only if they obtain a special supplement work permit through an employer. As I am not looking to get hired by a company, but rather just make a bit of side money on my own, I would presumably not be able to get one of those permits. There is a provision for working as a freelancer (called autónomo), but this is for people who have already been in the country for 3 years, and who support themselves entirely on freelancing, like being self-employed. Obviously this is not me, so I am confused and worried that there exists no provision at all for me to make any money while studying here. I have a minimum amount to support myself through my time here tucked away in a bank account, but it doesn't leave any room for leisure activities, Christmas gifts, etc. So, as I only have school 20 hours per week, I really want to use my spare time to make some pocket money, while beginning to establish myself in the online marketplace. But this bizarre system in Spain seems to have no provision for that. Can someone who knows about this please tell me I'm wrong? Is there any way I can be allowed to do these tiny jobs while I'm here without breaking the law? Any insight/sources is appreciated. TIA!
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2021.11.29 13:47 WholesomeDirtbag Recommended Reading for r/antiwork: Civilized to Death by Christopher Ryan

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2021.11.29 13:47 Vannessikha >> I'll Draw a Personalized Background or Wallpaper for your Phone or Desktop! // More Information in the Comments << [Commission]

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2021.11.29 13:47 LimINNIT karma needed tysm

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2021.11.29 13:47 moxiewastaken any ideas for this cutie? ( she/her, bi with preference for girls, 17 )

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2021.11.29 13:47 joshdunc82 Live resin carts from Colorado. Has anyone seen anyone in Ohio use this kind of cart. Best hitting and tasting cart I've ever had

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2021.11.29 13:47 Unblockedpenny Complaining (Getting Tired Of It)

Hi I'm 17 and I'm gonna be honest I'm struggling a lot because every single day i go by in life i just feel like it gets worse and it's finally got to the point in my life where I've developed a severe hatred towards human beings and other people because all they do is complain I'm so sick and tired of people just complaining about shit i have gone my entire life not complain about a single thing and almost everyone complains to me now and i know small stupid problem that i'm dealing with and i know it's no big deal but i feel like I've hit a breaking point now where if something doesn't go my way i all of a sudden get angry and mad and then when people complain it just makes me even more angry because sometimes i guess it's more the facts that i haven't complained about anything and all of a sudden everyone is complaining and I'm so done with it, I'm complained at in my school life ,Home life and work life and nobody appreciates it i don't get one single thanks for everything i've done and i've hit a point in my life where i start wondering is it even worth anymore just dealing with human beings and idiots and also to top it off my mom moved in with a guy a few years ago and she is still in love with this guy and this guy has done nothing but treat me like crap and my mom follows everything he does and he complains about everything as well and when we first moved in the guy wouldn't let me eat and that was the only thing my mom defended me on and this guy acts all tough and to top it off he threatens me all the time and if he doesn't get what he wants he has a fit and so all he does is bitch and moan and personally i'm just not happy the more i live with this guy and my mom is a control freak so if i try to ask to live with my real dad she gets upset and i'm trapped and no matter what i do i can't escape it and i need answers because i'm just done with everything any advice would help because my next step is checking myself into a psychiatric ward to get away from human beings for a few days so if i don't get advice i'm headed there next so any advice would help.
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2021.11.29 13:47 eamonnbowers Jagged, Me, pencil, 2021

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2021.11.29 13:47 guoba_is_the_mvp This broke my heart. Happy Birthday tho.

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2021.11.29 13:47 apope71603 Velvet Sky spanking herself

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2021.11.29 13:47 CryptoAddict420 Chinese ignore government restrictions and are using crypto to send money to Japan

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2021.11.29 13:47 richsims Can anyone confirm this is from Dungeon Magazine? I don't have much info about it.

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2021.11.29 13:47 RoccoSteal Are the DBOX seats in the IMAX auditoriums?

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2021.11.29 13:47 yesurjxifn Entitled pos wants to sue

So a few days ago, I was at the register closing and notice this lady without a mask on. The mask is still 100% required where I live so I asked her where her mask was. She was obviously looking for shit and was waiting for me to ask because she instantly replies smugly ‘’I have a health problem so I don’t have to wear it, I have the paperwork to show you’’. I didn’t answer as I felt this paper work was probably bullshit and left the register, as I was leaving I told her that next time she comes here she needs a mask otherwise we can refuse to serve her. She then starts rambling about her health issues as i’m I continue walking to the office I over hear her turning to another client saying ‘’talk about an asshole! What a stupid asshole!’’
My blood immediately starts boiling but I still continued to the office and did nothing about it. About 40 seconds later, I get called to the register so me and 2 of my coworkers decide to go. Surely, it was still her. When we get to her she starts talking to us saying the rules about the mask doesn’t apply to her bla bla health problems bla bla, she shows us this bogus ass paper that’s supposedly a mask exemption form from the government and claims that I refused to let her show me the paper and lies that I attacked her as I was leaving. I asked her what her health issue was and she proceeded to tell me she doesn’t have to divulge because it’s private but then proceeds to ask me what my name is. I didn’t tell her, so she told me I’m obligated to according to the law (she also claimed to be a lawyer) and that she’s gonna file a lawsuit and that i’m gonna be in more trouble If I don’t tell her. I never told her, then that idiot left.
Now, this is most likely just empty threats and this moron probably isn’t gonna do shit. But let’s hypothetically say she filing one right now. What can I do? What are my rights? Is it frivolous? Would I be in trouble or would it backfire on her?
I was literally just doing my job and there we’re witnesses around.
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2021.11.29 13:47 kat_darrow200 [20/f] Looking for a chill chat!

Heyy! I’m Kate, I’m from the UK and I study film at college. My interests are reading, hiking, working out, gaming and marvel, Star Wars. Hmu and hopefully we’ll click! Please don’t intro yourself with just ‘hey’ or I won’t reply. Talk soon!!
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2021.11.29 13:47 Dlaby Už máme doma!

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2021.11.29 13:47 heyiamphil Homemade burger with 50/50 caramelised onions and nachos

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2021.11.29 13:47 jxyxiin Happy Birthday, Kaeya!!

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2021.11.29 13:47 HouseBlackfyre Rob Gronkowski is targeted more than any other tight end in the NFL on a per route basis (min 150 routes): 26% -- Gronkowski, 24% -- Waller, 22% -- Andrews, 22% -- Kittle, 21% -- Kelce/Pitts/Fant/Freiermuth/Hockenson

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2021.11.29 13:47 Turbostrider27 CD Projekt Information details from latest financial report

CD Projekt Information details from latest financial report were posted today:

CD Projekt Red Q3 Earnings
Revenue $34.7m +38% YoY Net profit $3.9m -30% YoY
"We are hard at work on the next-gen version of Cyberpunk, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022, alongside another major update for all platforms. There is also ongoing work on the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 and the Cyberpunk expansion."
Next gen Cyberpunk 2077 & The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are "on track to meet target dates."
Company is gradually shifting to new projects while supporting Cyberpunk.
2021 Q3 sales rose 38%, while earnings before interest & taxes (EBIT) declined 45% on rising costs.
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2021.11.29 13:47 weissmoney Mystery Game based on Developer

Hey all, I thought I would try a new type of giveaway. The following 5 games are each from a different developer (listed), and you choose which one you think might give the best result!

  1. Runic Games
  2. Monster Couch
  3. Deep Silver Volition
  4. 4A Games
  5. Capcom
Let me know your thoughts on the idea and include one of the 5 listed developer names in your comment.
Good luck!
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