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$RDHL Awaiting Buy signal on RDHL with

2022.01.21 16:52 ShortAlgo $RDHL Awaiting Buy signal on RDHL with

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2022.01.21 16:52 Xristos7677 Have a problem with my new build

I have already kinda located the problem but i need help.So basically pc wont boot unless i have on only one stick of ram in b2.Every other position doesnt seem to works.Tried enabling xmp but nothing.Are the ports bas or it could be something else?Mobo is brand new and i doubt i did something to it.Just placed the rams normally and it would just show no singal.After that i googled and eventually found out what i described above l.That only one position seems to work.
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2022.01.21 16:52 No_Pipe_3497 Remember SHINee @ idol festival? I think Minho would rather not see this :D

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2022.01.21 16:52 zzzzzzzzzra Cherry Brandy and Milk

On a whim last night I mixed (roughly) about 1 parts cherry flavored brandy with about 3 parts whole milk and it was the most addictively delicious thing I've ever drank. It might sound odd (especially to people who don't like mixing alcohol and milk) but it struck me as way bettesmoother than a White Russian and had a nice pinkish color. I'll take pics next time.
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2022.01.21 16:52 StarShot77 Any shows like 1994?

Spotify randomly recommended this show called 1994 to me and it’s hilarious. It had great sound mixing, great mix of narration and character interaction. Any like these? Have any of the creators done other work?
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2022.01.21 16:52 metalpanda2 Some of the Hæsteining Houses from my last run

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2022.01.21 16:52 UFmoose [PWInsider] NXT star backstage at SmackDown

Roderick Strong
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2022.01.21 16:52 littlefyres SKIP THE DISHES REFERRAL - 🥡🥢🍣 You should order with SkipTheDishes! 🥡🥢🍣 Sign up with this link to get $5 off your first order over $15. So many great local places to order from!

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2022.01.21 16:52 Straight-Damage-6654 Har sjuka videos på Michelle och josie och Anna Lisa och Julia hör av dig privat!!

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2022.01.21 16:52 at8mistakes [H] Paypal [W] Dropzone / Dropfleet Commander [Loc] USA

I know a bunch of you have a dusty box of Dropfleet or Dropzone Commander minis sitting in your closet that you haven't looked at in years, maybe even since the original kickstarter. Now you can send them to us so they can die repeatedly due to terrible strategies, infantile tactics, and just generally be embarrassed to be fielded with mediocre paint jobs!
If you've got some extra bits, trashed minis, or similar that we could use as scenery that may be of interest too.
PM me a list or pics and let me give them some love and attention. Please try not to use the reddit messenger, the way my phone loads reddit means I will miss most of your messages and probably forget that we were talking. My children mean my memory doesn't work like it used to.
I can offer Paypal, but if you don't like money and you're after trades I have piles of random stuff I can dig up for you too.
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2022.01.21 16:52 thewillmckoy How do you deal/cope with Co parenting?

I think I need therapy lol
My stbxw and I have agreed to separate next month. The issue is we still live together with my 3 yo son and 7 yo stepson. It’s gonna to be challenging enough trying to start over financially and getting used to being alone but what bothers me most is the idea of my son being raised by another man.
I know my stbxw will eventually move on. I’d be a hypocrite if I pretended I’ve been the perfect stepfather. I’ve said and done things to and about my stepson that I regret. Nothing serious like abuse or anything but grabbing him too roughly when he’s out of line. Yelling at him and his mother(we frequently argue and fuss in front of the children.)
I’m a good parent though. His father has never communicated with me regarding his son and treatment etc. I’m completely different. I’d need to know how someone interacts with my and set boundaries with discipline.
Tbh I’ve never felt a strong connection to my stepson and I don’t know what it is. I’ve known him since he was nearly 2 years old. I love him and I’ll always care for and about him but it isn’t the same as my biological son. I’m sure some of you may relate. Hopefully this isn’t too alarming of a revelation.
I’ve said all of this to say it breaks my heart that I won’t be able to see him daily. I won’t be able to cuddle with him every night. I won’t be able to see the cutest and funniest moments as much anymore.
I’ll also have to trust that whomever my ex ends up with will be better than me. Will use calmer, effective and non violent methods of discipline. Will be patient and kind. My kids are a HANDFUL! My 3 yo especially. What if he pisses this new guy off? What if he’s worse than me?
The whole thought process make me want to reconsider everything.
TLDR: I’m afraid of my stbxw moving on to someone who isn’t a good parent and doesn’t have the patience to love and treat my son right.
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2022.01.21 16:52 Responsible-Shift-23 Thoughts on WHM?

I've been practising the Wim Hof Method and actually, the only reason I am here is because Wim follows a page to do with Buteyko.
I love Wim Hof Method. But you hyperventilate during breath work. In the eyes of Buteyko, is that specific breathing exercise bad for me? I feel like it's not. But wanted to gage opinion.
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2022.01.21 16:52 ShortAlgo $XP Awaiting Buy signal on XP with

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2022.01.21 16:52 nkaparos3239 Purple Punch by 420 fast buds.Now curing in grove bags.

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2022.01.21 16:52 Faelix_Drakes Chinckinnumnget.mp4

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2022.01.21 16:52 GayTchaikovsky Ah yes, how french

Ah yes, how french
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2022.01.21 16:52 dustyli Rent or buy?

I'm currently studying in university, and looking to work as a teacher when I graduate. I am moving out of the family home, and am able to rent or take out a home loan. I am leaning towards buying, but do you think that renting a house would allow me a much greater opportunity to find work and have a shorter travelling time, as well as giving me flexibility to move if I change jobs? Please share your thoughts, experiences and/or advice if you would like. Thank you!
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2022.01.21 16:52 Constant_River_3776 21 M [Chat]

Looking for a fun chat Only girls. Looking for sharing pics and vids
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2022.01.21 16:52 Silver-Hunter-1025 Mahmoud Said — L'Endormie (The Dreamer) (1933) [2327 × 3200]

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2022.01.21 16:52 Danceman2 Expeditions: Rome - Character Creation Guide (Classes, Subclasses and Skills)

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2022.01.21 16:52 Nohan07 Un taxi volant pour 2024 au « Grand JT des Territoires » sur TV5 Monde

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2022.01.21 16:52 kitchenglock Project AT Cut Content: Mallow

Project AT Cut Content: Mallow
The prince of Nimbus Land and Mario’s first partner in an RPG, Mallow!
Mallow was born to the royal family in Nimbus Land, King and Queen Nimbus. However, while still an infant, Mallow was lost. He was eventually discovered near Tadpole Pond, by the sage Frogfucius. Frogfucius removed the basket from the waters, discovering a little ball of puff inside. On the cloud child's belt, the name "Mallow'' was inscribed. Frogfucius rightly deduced that this was the young cloud person's name, and he decided to raise Mallow as his grandson. The old frog raised him as one of his own, and as such Mallow grew up believing he was a tadpole, despite his unusual appearance in relation to the tadpoles he grew up with. However, throughout his childhood, Mallow never felt like a normal tadpole - he didn't have a tail, he was a bad jumper and a terrible swimmer; additionally, he was also much larger than all the other tadpoles. But today, Mallow gets to cause a storm in Project AT! So getting right into things, Mallow is a below-average lightweight fighter (Around the weight value of Sora), as well as incredibly floaty, as he is a sentient being made of clouds, he has 2 jumps and has no additional movement options.
Basic Attacks So starting off with the jab, it’s a 2-hit jab that has Mallow do a straight punch, followed by an uppercut. His dash attack has him do a lunging elbow tackle forwards, hits decently hard but has rather short range. His side tilt is a 2-hit attack that has him do 2 punches straight forwards while elongating both arms, this references the attack animation when unarmed, great disjoint but only moderate damage and poor end lag; his up tilt has him use the Froggie Stick and swing it above himself, this move has deceptive damage but rather poor knockback growth so don’t expect it too KO at late percents and his down tilt has him use the Whomp Glove, punching with both arms while elongated, the same attributes apply to the down tilt as they did for the side tilt, great disjoint but only moderate damage and end lag, only with it being low to the ground, it’s very easy to jump over.
For Mallow’s Smash Attacks, they all have him make use of his ultimate weapon, the Sonic Cymbals! For his side smash, he slams the cymbals in front of him, and when they collide, they release a sound wave, this attack is incredibly strong if hit by the cymbals but getting hit by the sound wave does barely any damage, instead, it causes a ton of hitstun, though its long start-up and end-lag makes it very committal; his up smash has him slam the cymbals above him that releases a sound wave upwards, the same attributes apply to the up smash as they did for the side smash and for his down smash, he slams the cymbals in front of the camera that releases a sound wave around him, this attack is incredibly weak by smash attack standards but it does a ton of hitstun and is rather easy to land.
For his N-air, he spins with both arms outward, it only hits once but has a long active hitbox; his F-air has him swing his Ribbit Stick from high to low; his B-air has him do an elbow check from behind himself, this attack has short range but is able to spike; his U-air has him use the Cymbals to slam them above, this hits hard but has rather poor landing lag and his D-air has him use the Sticky Glove, morphing his hands into a giant fist and swinging it straight down, this move is able to spike but it has a ton of start-up and landing lag.
Grabs Mallow grabs with one arm and pummels by chopping the foe. His forward throw has him elbow the foe in the gut; his back throw has him slam the foe overhead; his up throw has him uppercut the foe and his down throw has him put the foe to the ground, then jump onto them, bouncing them away.
Special Attacks & Fighter Ability: Action Commands Now getting into Mallow’s special attacks, these are all his actual Special Attacks in his home game. And these special attacks function rather differently to other fighters in the form of Action Commands (Or Timed Hits). Action Commands were a mechanic that allowed you to increase the power or effectiveness of any of your attacks based on when you pressed or let go of a button during the attack, and have been a staple in every other Mario RPG spinoff ever since. And for Project AT, it’ll do just that, all of Mallow’s special attacks will have an extra input within some duration of the attack, and if you time it right, it’ll become much stronger and gain other effects. But be careful, as activating the Action Command will give the move more end lag.
For Mallow’s Neutral Special, he uses the first Special Attack he learns in the game, Thunderbolt! This is an automatic move that has Mallow charging up magical energy then after some start-up, raises his hands and a large lightning bolt strikes down in front of him, and if you press the special button as soon as he finishes charging, the bolt starts to spread out even further, making it easier to hit and cause more general chaos. The Lightning Bolt’s range covers the entirety of the vertical screen and deals deceptive damage but its fixed knockback makes it only useful for tapping on damage instead of for edgeguarding.
His Side Special has him use the fourth Special Attack he learns in the game, Shocker! This is another automatic move that has Mallow charging up electricity then clapping forwards to cause a burst of thunder in his hands, this attack is incredibly powerful with deceptively low start-up and even halts his falling momentum when used once in the air and if you press the special button as soon as he claps, the move deals a lot more hitstun to the foe, but it has an uncomfortable amount of end lag, especially with the Action Command input.
Next, for Mallow’s Up Special, he uses an innovative version of the second Special Attack he learns in the game, HP Rain! In the original, this move actually didn’t give him any height, instead it acted as a healing move, hence why I said it was an innovative version. On use, Mallow forms a raining cloud underneath his feet and bounces once then he bounces onto it again to spring upwards and if you time the special button as soon as Mallow performs the second bounce, he’ll ascend even higher, on top of that, Mallow doesn’t go into freefall when he uses it, though he can’t use it again until he touches the stage and on top of that, don’t try to land on the stage as it’s landing lag is quite horrendous and it has no offensive capabilities, though that doesn’t mean that it has any capabilities. As I stated prior, this move healed team allies in the rain, so if any team ally is inside the cloud, it’ll actually heal them, though it’s not by much and only by at least 5%, that might not sound like much but considering that Mallow has access to this move at all times, any higher than that would be too much.
And finally, for Mallow’s Down Special, he learns the second-to-last special attack he learns in the game, Snowy! This is yet another automatic attack that has Mallow conjuring snow and forming a giant snowman a fixed distance away from him, then after its formed, it drops straight down onto the ground and dealing serious damage, this move effectiveness increases by how much you rotate the control stick and if you rotate it up to at least 10 times before the snowman is formed, it will become much larger and caused the foe to be buried in the ground or spiked in the air, while incredibly powerful, the move is also rather telegraphed so you’ll need to be smart on when to use it.
Overall, with Mallow’s emphasis on Action Commands, you’ll need to know when to use them and if using them is probably a hassle, so when you play as Mallow, you need to have patience and a cool mind.
Proto Fighter: Geno
The celestial spirit from the stars, possessing the body of a child’s plaything, Geno!
Geno is a warrior from Star Road who allies himself with Mario, Princess Peach (known then as Princess Toadstool), Bowser, and Mallow on their quest to defeat the Smithy gang. Geno's true form is that of a star, as an agent of the Star Road, he is an angel-like being who basically serves the mario equivalent of GOD! His true name is actually ♥♪!?, although it’s hard to pronounce, so he goes by Geno, the name of the doll that he possesses, claiming that this doll was the strongest out of any other (Which is REALLY saying something since that there’s also a doll of Mario, Bowser and Peach! Though I would imagine what would happen if he chose the other dolls, that would make for a hilarious adventure). And now, he finally gets to prove that strength and shoots for the stars as Mallow’s Proto Fighter!
  • In terms of mechanical differences, Geno is significantly lighter than Mallow (around the weight value of Olimar), as well as being a lot less floatier than Mallow but he’s also taller than Mallow, meaning that he takes slightly more hits.
  • His dash attack is the same as Mallow’s only that it causes a small explosion from his elbow, it hits hard but it does have some end lag as well as Geno coming to a stop and propelling him backwards as soon as he causes the explosion. His side tilt has him do a quick thrust with his arm, and firing ammo from the tip of his fingers, these ammo have average range and travel moderately fast, but are pretty weak; his up tilt has him do an uppercut with the arm then launching itself upwards, this references whenever Geno attacks without any weapons, the first hit can only really hit above but it overall hits hard and his down tilt has him do a sweep kick.
  • For Geno’s smash attacks, they all make use of Geno’s ultimate weapon, the Star Gun! For his side smash, he morphs his arms into guns and fires a barrage of stars, straight forwards, this is extremely powerful but it has a TON of end lag, whatever you do with this move, don’t miss it. His up smash has him fire a barrage of stars at a slightly upwards angle, it can only really hit foes above Geno but it does have slightly less end lag than the Side Smash, though not by much and the Down Smash has him face the screen and fire on both sides simultaneously, this is a go-to tool for tech chasing and fortunately has the least amount of start-lag, but it isn’t very strong.
  • His F-air has him do a quick chop from high to low that then fires from his Finger Gun; his B-air is also the same as Mallow’s only that it create an explosion from his elbow; his U-air has him do a backflip somersault, kicking with both of his feet and the D-air has him flip and punch straight down, firing both of his fists straight below while doing so, these hit incredibly hard and is capable of spiking but only if the 2 hits connect together.
  • For Geno’s neutral special, he uses the first Special Attack he learns in the game, Geno Beam! This is an automatic charging special that has Geno charge up and letting go of the button will have it immediately fire. Just tapping the button is fine but the beam is small, weak and has a ton of end lag. Charging it up has it increase its range and power, but what you really want to do is pay close attention to the red stars that appear above Geno’s damage percent. Just like in the original, these act as visual cues to let you know when you should fire the beam. Letting go of the button too early will result in a weaker shot and holding it for too long will also weaken the shot, in fact it'll result in even more end lag than just simply tapping the button. What you want to do is watch the stars and as soon as you see 3 stars above Geno, is the moment you want to let go of the button, and if timed correctly, the Geno Beam will be a force to be reckoned with, its damage and knockback doubled and it travelling at exactly the entirety of Battlefield, with not too much end lag. It takes 3 seconds of charging for the special to reach the perfect moment for you to let go of the button, the beam overall can hit foes once and launch them upwards on contact. And it doesn't last for very long so foes should have no trouble jumping over it if they see it coming. And one more thing, you can do a single jump while charging the beam, giving you a better chance at aiming it with mix-ups, but you cannot turn around while charging.
  • His side special has him use the second-to-last Special Attack in his game, Geno Blast! This is another charge special much like with the Geno Beam. Geno casts falling stars of light that come from high up and strike to the ground right in front of him to damage any foe in front of his immediate Y-axis. However, when not timed, they’ll only deal damage, no knockback whatsoever, with the power scaling depending on how close you were to timing it. If perfectly timed, it will deal decent knockback on top of monstrous damage, with it being a nifty tool for building up damage for any foe offstage, however, this attack never goes past Geno’s current elevation, even if you use it offstage it will only go down as far as Geno is and never lower than that. It also lasts long enough for airdodging it to be rather difficult but it could also leave Geno open for punishment, so use it wisely.
  • Next, for Geno’s up special, he uses an innovative version of his third Special Attack, the Geno Whirl! This move actually doesn’t give Geno height, hence why I said it’s an innovative version. Geno throws a cutting gale of energy straight down to propel him upwards, the projectile does decent damage and Geno travels at a slightly above-average distance, comparable to Sm4sh Mario’s Super Jump. At first glance, it doesn’t look anything special, but there’s something very dangerous about this move. In the original, if you could nail the Action Command at the EXACT, PERFECT time. The move would straight up deal 9999 damage to most foes, inflicting what’s essentially instant death. Now for Project AT, being able to do 9999% to foes… no thank you, busted is too small of a word for something like that. But it will still be monumentally stupid, there will be a bit of start lag as Geno readies the move, with a red star-shapped aura emanating over his body, and if you press the special button at EXACTLY when the aura disappears, the move will deal an ABSURD 99.9% OF DAMAGE! Not 9999 but still… THAT’S A LOT OF DAMAGE! The timing won’t be easy though, the opening to get the perfect timing is INCREDIBLY SMALL, I’m talking frame 1 window, getting the Action Command for this move is incredibly hard, just like in the original. It also doesn’t help that the move can only be fired straight down, and is useless unless used while airborne, as using it on the ground will cause it to disappear, and the knockback of this move doesn’t change, only the damage does. So your more likely to see James Bond in Smash than you are to see this move land (I wonder how that’s going to backfire… Best to not dwell on it too much).
  • And finally, for Geno’s down special, he uses the second Special Attack he learns in the game, Geno Boost! This was a temporary buff move that gave Geno an attack boost, and if perfectly timed, will also give him a defense boost. And for Project AT, it’ll do just that, once activated Geno will spend two seconds gathering power, with some rising arrows appearing over his body to signify his use, with the exact same sound effect being played, and if casted successfully, uninterrupted, Geno will gain an attack boost but at the cost of defense, dealing more damage while also taking more damage at the same time, however, if you can press the special button as soon as the sound effect ends, you’ll gain the attack boost as well as a defense boost, taking half the damage Geno would normally take, thus giving you a benefit with no drawbacks. You’ll know your under the Boost’s effects by Geno’s body glowing a red aura, and you’ll know your back to normal when that aura dissipates, with the effects lasting for 15 seconds. You can’t use the Geno Boost while you’re under the effects, and will only be able to use it again after a 10 second cooldown after the effects wear off.
Final Smash: Star Rain/Geno Flash For Mallow’s Final Smash, he uses the last of his Special Attacks, Star Rain! It starts with Mallow channelling energy and a massive star soon comes crashing down onto the stage, and it then leaps up and then smashes the stage again continuously, then after 5 seconds, it will then crash once again, dealing extreme damage and knockback and spiking or even burying them. Then the star bounces away for Mallow to continue the fight.
And for Geno’s Final Smash, he uses the last of his Special Attacks, Geno Flash! Geno morphs his body into a cannon and fires a huge explosion (with a tiny face) that slowly grows in size to annihilate any and all caught foes with lethal damage; once it reaches its apex range, it will rapidly begin to grow, dealing a ton of multiple flinching damage to any foe too close, and then ends with the ball of fire exploding, dealing astronomical damage and knockback to any foe, with it dealing extra damage to those that we’re stuck in the mass of power!
Miscellaneous For Mallow’s colours, they all make references to the various armour that he could wear in the game. The first alt gives him light blue and dark blue pants, referencing the Thick Pants; the second alt gives him red and orange pants, referencing the Mega Pants; the third alt gives him white and purple pants, referencing the Happy Pants; the fourth alt gives him muted blue and white pants, referencing the Sailor Pants; the fifth alt gives him yellow and red pants, referencing the Fuzzy Pants; the sixth alt gives him red pants, referencing the Fire Pants and the final alt gives him red and blue pants, referencing his ultimate armour, the Hero Pants.
For Geno’s colours, his alts make references to the armour that Geno could find in his game. The first alt gives him a sort-of purple and violet cape and hat, referencing the Happy Cape, as well as Geno’s poison sprite appearance; his second alt gives him a white cape and hat with blue outlines, in reference to the Sailor Cape; his third alt gives him a yellow cape and hat, referencing his Fuzzy Cape, though this could also reference the statue when he saved Nimbus Land from Valentina; his fourth alt gives him an orange and red cape and hat, referencing the Fire Cape; his fifth alt gives the top half of his cape and hat blue and the bottom half of his cape and hat vertically striped red and white, referencing his ultimate armour, the Star Cape; his sixth alt gives him a white hat and a red and black cape, referencing Exor, the major antagonist of his home game and the final alt gives him a gold hat and cape, referencing the statues that were made after saving Nimbus Land from Valentina.
For the stage intro, Mallow’s has him riding on and hopping out of the Royal Bus, the main form of transportation in Nimbus Land and Geno’s has it simply shows the doll on the ground, until the spirit comes down and possesses it, readying for the fight, a clear reference to the same events that happen in the original game. For taunts, Mallow’s first has him toss up a frog coin then catches it in his hand; the second has him stretch his body so hard that his upper body soon pops out and back onto him and his final has him randomly turn into a scarecrow and just dance, referencing the status effect from Mario RPG where party members would turn into scarecrows and couldn’t use any of their attack. And for Geno’s taunts, his first has him hold his arm up and morph it into different armaments to check if its working properly; his second has his star form temporarily leave the body, float around a brief moment then goes back in and his final also has him randomly turn into a scarecrow and just dance for a second before transforming back.
And finally, for victory animations, the first has Mallow have his upper body jump up then poses with a peace sign, referencing his victory pose; the second has the screen be obstructed by clouds until Mallow point forward with his Froggie Stick and the final has him spin so fast that he becomes a mini-tornado until he collapses onto the ground dazed. And for Geno’s victory animations, the first has him simply cross his arms, and nods at the camera, referencing his iconic victory pose; his second has him lift up his hat and pull out a jar of honey syrup, which then disappears as sparkles begin to envelop over Geno’s body, referencing whenever Geno uses items (you could think of it like he’s restoring some magic, I know I would) and his final has a star piece circling around and above Geno, all before he flies up and grabs it with a pose, referencing whenever you obtain a star piece.
And that is what Mallow could've been like in Project AT, with Geno as a Proto Fighter. Now I'll admit, as a Super Mario fan, I had no idea who Geno was from all the speculation, he seemed like an odd choice to place onto Smash Bros and after playing his game, I still don't see the appeal to it. And that's kinda the reason I chose Mallow as the main fighter with Geno as the clone because Mallow just seems a lot cooler, but alas, fan demand isn't exactly in his grasp. So, If you wish to see more of Project AT and some cut content, follow on me Reddit, and if you have any questions on the moveset, then leave them down below. I’ll see you next time for the next cut content!
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2022.01.21 16:52 HeroicDose8 [QUESTION] Help me develop this :)

Hi there, I needed help figuring out what comes next following this simple finger picking pattern.
Moderate tempo 4/4 time- e,g,b,f# + hammer on&off g (4th string 2nd fret, open 3rd string, open 2nd string, first string second fret + hammer on and off 3rd fret)
What chord could come next? What Melody line would fit? Not even sure what key this would be in. Thanks!
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2022.01.21 16:52 ZWilbur0421 All of Brandon's Nightmares

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2022.01.21 16:52 fluffy_biscuit_2712 what is this? the slit at the bottom makes me think it’s attachable to something else.

what is this? the slit at the bottom makes me think it’s attachable to something else. submitted by fluffy_biscuit_2712 to Whatisthis [link] [comments]