Documented verbal warning for asking for more work.

Freud said that happiness comes when one has pleasure in love and work. Orth-Gomer et al. studied the impact of work stress and marital stress on the subsequent incidence of CAD in a cohort of Stockholm women followed for ∼5 years. Marital stress was associated with a 2.9-fold increased risk of recurrent events, whereas work stress did not ... This 78-page report is based on interviews with more than 160 workers from 44 factories, most of them making garments for retail companies in North America, Europe, and Australia. Workers report ... I use Visual Studio Code to develop for arduino which uses Arduino Studio installed files and needs the installation to work. This works very well. Annoying is that when verifying a sketch it takes longer than in the Arduino IDE. I suspect the following warning to cause it: [Warning] Output path is not specified. Learn the warning signs that can alert you to a problem. ... It may help to start by asking yourself a few ... One study found that making parents part of a child’s treatment makes it work better. Example 0 should not work (as mentioned earlier), but may work on a few database engines anyway (e.g. Sybase). Example 0 is part of examples 4, 5, and 6, so if example 0 works, these other examples may work, even if the engine does not properly support the right hand side of the OR expression. I was asking for help. But my doctor was under the impression I didn’t need it. “I don’t think you’re at the point where medication is an option, and anyway, it can be addictive. More meticulous work, like fastening chip boards and assembling back covers, was slower; these workers have a minute apiece for each iPhone. That’s still 600 to 700 iPhones a day. This letter has been formally documented to bring a serious matter to your notice about your unethical and unprofessional behavior in office premises. The management has verbally informed you many times even before regarding this issue. Since you pay no heed to those warnings we must take a strict step this time. Since this is documented clearly, ... That means yes, it should always work. As long as you have access to Powershell, you should be able to utilize this execution policy bypass. I am not sure if this will function on a guest account, but it is what I used when I can only run Powershell as a normal user. ... Asking for help, clarification, or ... Q&A for work. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. ... Which of these types is actually chosen depends on the compiler and the operating system and must be documented by them. When an element of an array is accessed by the arr[index] expression, ... Asking for help, clarification, or ...

2022.01.21 17:53 lilant702 Documented verbal warning for asking for more work.

Bro ok. I'm done trying to stucture these posts (which I usually end up deleting), I'm done trying to be smart with my words, I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I'm losing it in this corporate culture.
For my job, I basically apply people to a bunch of different loan sites. Doing this for one client is called an app and they usually take 25-40 minutes. This week had been super super slow every day because our sales department is burnt out and being treated like garbage (separate story there). Apps department (where I work) had been individually assigning us a small number of apps at the start of the day and usually we'd receive more as the day goes on. I'm told by supervisors to work really slowly when we're initially assigned little work, so that's what everyone does.
Yesterday, I come in and find out I was assigned 2 or 3 apps. I figured ok, I'll work slow, and just to be sure I checked my coworkers views and they were low on apps too. Nothing unusual, I'll just get assigned more as the day goes on. The day goes on, I don't get much, neither are others, so I keep working slowly and hang around. Just before my 3:00 break (I take an hour break and work til 6), I ask my supervisor face to face to send over more stuff if she has any. She says okay, and I go take my break. I come back at 4, there's nothing in my view because I chose to just finish what I had before my break in case of more. I check my coworkers who barely have any work at all (probs just working slowly), so I'll just hang around for a little while. Sometimes we're told to go home early on these days. That day, we were not.
So today I'm pulled into a conference room with two supervisors, man and a woman (she was the one I asked to send over more work yesterday). I was given a document detailing a verbal warning they were giving me. I was told I didn't complete much yesterday (I did 3, usual slow days are 5 or 6).
I was told that I needed to ask for more work. I told them I did, but apparently I needed to ask more times. On paper, it said "I only asked for more work once, should've asked multiple times." I tried explaining, they rebuttled with "[Coworker was able to do 14]" so at that point I just signed the doc and left wondering if they're lying. I peered at his view throughout that day, he was low that whole time, so what the heck?
Turns out, he was doing Credit Reports, which contribute to the total. Credit Reports take anywhere between 0-3 minutes and are very low-effort. We're SUPPOSED to get assigned Credit Reports to us as of one month ago, but before that, we were pulling them from a separate view. I've been checking that view periodically all month and nearly ever time it's empty or there's like 2.
Apparently there were credit reports in that view completely unbeknownst to me. Not only that, but apparently we can pull from that view even tho we were told not to BY THAT OTHER SUPERVISOR one month ago. Credit Reports are supposed to get assigned to us, and the idea of just "taking" work is taboo (as told to me in a different example in today's meeting). So idk what to do.
I'm tired of corporate culture.
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2022.01.21 17:53 kittypurrpower What can ordinary people do to tackle the rising COL in this city?

I recently moved back to this city from Europe after several years and I'm blown away by how much more difficult it has become to live here overall, and I'm genuinely curious about what we can do to address this.
I know housing in this city has been astronomical for decades but it's getting even worse, now even food is becoming out of reach for many. Many people can't even afford children. Homelessness is worse than it ever was along with opioid-related deaths. I see many people commenting on this sub about his difficult it has become for the average person to live here, or how unsafe it is in certain areas.
And it's not like we can make more money to compensate. Salaries continue to be relatively low compared to other big, comparable cities like Seattle, San Fran or Toronto, whether that's actually due to the "sunshine tax" or not is beyond me.
I'm not claiming to be a policy expert here and I don't have the answers, but I'm simply just curious: What can we, as ordinary citizens, do to address these issues that seem to only be getting worse?
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2022.01.21 17:53 Harmony3319 Interpretation of Tempest Tairitsu from Arcaea

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2022.01.21 17:53 arthurmbap Pika Joker NFT, a hand draw NFT made by me for a really cheap price.

Hello! i created a NFT a month ago and i would like to sell it for 0.002 eth on Polygon network if you are interested you can send me a message to receive the link.
Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.21 17:53 zdsvoboda Create a new database without a single CREATE statement!

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2022.01.21 17:53 DirtyMike162 How to determine a pokemons egg group?

I've been trying to figure out how the egg group work but I'm unable to figure this out. I've searched online and found a small chart stating the groups available but didnt break it down past that.
I'm trying to breed my Torterra, but don't have a Ditto since I haven't beaten the elite four. How do I determine which pokemon will have an egg with my Torterra?
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2022.01.21 17:53 MicratheneFPV Pawel's crash test 😁

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2022.01.21 17:53 RIPVector The Best Dogs of BBC Earth | Top 5

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2022.01.21 17:53 fullsunlvr Stressed out

Are there any ways so I'm not always stressed out at work. I always try to think that it's just a job take it seriously not to the point that you tire yourself out, but during the lunch rush I always get so stressed out and sometimes I feel like crying or end up like crying. Not to mention that I feel like some of my managers are annoyed at me cause I mess things up and sometimes I'm slow, and that their this close to firing me already. I've only been working for about 1 month and 2 weeks.
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2022.01.21 17:53 SkyartXV having a particularly hard day

first time posting here but today's been pretty hard.
We were together for 2 years and the relationship was healthy. The best that my ex has ever experienced. We considered each other the one. But she had a lifetime of family abuse and has only been in back-to-back abusive relationships herself. With no real health modeled relationships until our own. We reconnected after her last abusive relationship of 5 years ended and we just fell in love. Perfect for each other. We were planning on being engaged this year, with her having told me she will say yes when I decide to. But she became fearful of being an imperfect wife. She became afraid she won't be good enough for me. She traumas she never tackled and was unaware of her attachment trauma. She had left right when were started our journey to see the world together and was a month overseas.
We had met a month after the breakup and she has told me she will never find someone better than me again, but she thinks im perfect for someone else that's not her. She's too broken and toxic. We spent a weekend at EDC Orlando in November and it was magical. Embracing the lights, the music, and our favorite songs from our favorite DJs. On the last night, we left early to our favorite date spot in Florida and she told me she wished to meet at a different time when she was healed from her abuse. The last thing we told each other is that we cared so much for each other and only want the best. No contact since November, and i just hope that she's doing well on her journey.
We lived together for 2 years. Woke up to each other for 2 years. Had 3 dogs together that we would take on hikes and dog parks. I'm living in a new place with a roommate that's far for strict. I had to return my dog home. There are a lot more rules to follow. Things just feel far more lonely. Last i heard from her, her best friends told me she has been very different since that weekend and her family has told me she hasn't forgiven herself for the breakup decision.
It's been tough. I've been doing a ton of self-work, both physically and mentally. Just this week had hit me pretty hard on how much i missed our life together and how happy i was. I don't have any of the dogs anymore. I have to live with a roommate that's far more strict. My life doesn't feel like my life.
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2022.01.21 17:53 Acrobatic-Clothes248 What are your thoughts on Robert Kiyosaki's books?

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2022.01.21 17:53 No-Distribution-842 JULI MANDA

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2022.01.21 17:53 disinterestedh0mo Pics 1&4 🤤

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2022.01.21 17:53 flyover_deplorable Blank screen after BL touch install

Followed instructions for the 1.1.4 Ender 3 Pro board. When I plug it all in and boot up I have a blank screen. It doesn't even light up. What'd I miss?
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2022.01.21 17:53 junkratenjoyer NOM👹

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My server Discord:
Hello everyone!! I am waiting for you on my Discord server to make friends, make friends and thank and cheer everyone up with the best services I can for the offerors who choose to collaborate with me !!
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2022.01.21 17:53 PangolinPacha Discovering Tailor items

I'm a new player to GW2 and I'm trying to discover the Healing Embroidered Mask, I have already craftet the Jute Headpiece Padding, Strap and the Healing Jute Insignia, but the option to craft the mask is not available. I'm already lvl 26 in Tailoring, am I missing something?
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2022.01.21 17:53 elyssaa- Character development predictions

Do you have any character development predictions? Where do we see Moash going after the events of RoW for example? And what about Szeth, Kaladin, Navani? I'm curious for example how the 5th ideal for Kaladin and Szeth will be or how Navani develops in her role as a Bondsmith.
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2022.01.21 17:53 Flashy_Fennel_5569 #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA

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JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA #JulisMANDA submitted by Historical-Chest-872 to Hiena [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 17:53 CarltonSluder 29/32 Year 1 Week 4 Xbox Next Gen League

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2022.01.21 17:53 messydoughut Taking responsibility is a good start.

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2022.01.21 17:53 MulatoMaranhense Pedro II had zero time for Maximillian

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2022.01.21 17:53 J0shuaRH I saw memes that Gregory FNAF was Frisk undertale, but actually is Kris deltarune!

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2022.01.21 17:53 hasbeenstillcatholic So why do people always say "Don't judge others?" Isn't judging just a part of life? Also God judges us all the time right?

I've always heard this when criticizing others for their sins. I myself have told others this and have tried to be charitable. However, I always feel like when people say "Don't judge me" or "don't judge others" that its just a way to try to get people to forget about their sins. Also, I think its fair to judge certain people as unworthy of some things. Not saying that God isn't merciful or anything like that, but sometimes you have to have common sense. I've had some sins that have resulted in a lot of heartache for me and rather than say don't judge me, I accept my consequences.

So what's with the whole "don't judge others thing?"
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