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Please help

2022.01.21 18:23 Mattyboi_brawler Please help

What mods besides the base game mod should I download to help with my first play through
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2022.01.21 18:23 Iliveformylight Values

Hey all!
so, I’ve been using this website for a while : https://adoptmetradingvalues.com/pet-value-list.php
but I noticed that some people think the values arent accurate. If they aren’t, where could I learn it better? Could someone give me a list or something Like that?
thank you :)
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2022.01.21 18:23 xdragon2k Hottest Thing in Genshin Impact

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2022.01.21 18:23 Resident_Ad5477 My K-Pop favorites 💝

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2022.01.21 18:23 Law-Organic [CH] 29, Software Engineer, Ausgaben vom vergangenem Jahr gemittelt [Update 2]

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2022.01.21 18:23 ElCidVicious BBC And Sky News Spread FEAR To Force UK Into Lockdown AGAIN 😡

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2022.01.21 18:23 heartandsunlight I have successfully not smoked tobacco today

I know it’s a small win and the day isn’t over yet, but I’m pretty proud that I haven’t smoked tobacco today.
I’ve been wanting to quit for a while now, and have felt like such a dummy for starting up again after successfully quitting for many years. It’s a sneaky little devil.
I listened to that super popular audiobook (the easy way to stop smoking) and the whole time I honestly was sort of annoyed by the guy and thought he was pretty full of crap. And I’m still not totally convinced that his book has anything to do with me so far not smoking today, but I’m sure it could have helped in some way.
I just felt like he kept saying “all other methods use scare tactics and tell you why it’s unhealthy, but my method doesn’t do that” and then he proceeds to tell you why it’s unhealthy and why you should stop hahaha and then he keeps calling it “the easy way method” while literally there is no actual method to it besides just reading the book. I’m not normally a cynical person, but this book was just kind of ridiculous to me.
BUT all that being said, I haven’t smoked today and truly it hasn’t been difficult so far. Which is exactly what he said would happen LOL so maybe the book is as magical as people say. We’ll see :)
Have you successfully quit? How’d you do it? Any tips/tricks/encouragement?
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2022.01.21 18:23 morkistan Sound the alarms, the evil Chinese are building schools, digging wells, and alleviating poverty in Africa!

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2022.01.21 18:23 Squelseaa 💅🌌🪐 Oh Mooncat 💙

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2022.01.21 18:23 kingslayeer58 I’m saying Colors selling 100k

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2022.01.21 18:23 Mellowmv Zenitsu should be asleep more, do you agree??

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2022.01.21 18:23 its_M00SE Trying to work on hatching and cross hatching

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2022.01.21 18:23 Llamayoda Favorite bad win conditions?

Been playing a lot of [[Toggo]] / [[Thrasios]] lately and one of my favorite aspects of the deck is that it provides a super powerful engine to pump out wins with some of the jankiest win conditions.
[[Hellkite Tyrant]], [[Mechanized Production]], [[Rampage of the clans]] etc… are all viable ways to win due to how strong the Engine of the deck is.
What are your favorite jank win cons, that maybe aren’t viable in every deck but in certain ones really pay off?
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2022.01.21 18:23 Mitto89 I looked fast & thought his tail was broken 🤣 happy shedding!

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2022.01.21 18:23 cheeto-puffs67 26 [m4f] chats and friendships

Hi! I like talking to people from all over. I’m from California and love being outdoors. Just looking to chat with new friends and if you’re local maybe even hangout. I’m open to anything and just let me know what you’re looking for and let’s start chatting.
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2022.01.21 18:23 nnal18 The road trip - Konica Z-up80RC Limited, Kodak Ultra Max 🎞

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2022.01.21 18:23 cli337 ELI5: Why is it way faster for me to torrent something (5MB/s) twice into different USB drives than it is for me to copy it from one USB drive to another (0.75MB/s)?

Id have assumed itd be faster to copy something from one drive to another since it's all local?
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2022.01.21 18:23 amilosingyet I fell off the wagon. I am beating myself up. Some motivational words needed.

I have lost 20 pounds so far.
I have a long way to go, but was a bit proud of myself for at least sticking to my calorie range and not giving in to my huge appetite. (I take medical steroids which causes am insatiable appetite)
Well, my steroids were increased about a week ago...along with my appetite. I gave in. For the past 7 days I gave in, and binge-ate the last 2.
I'm too scared to step on the scale and see the damage I've done.
So far today I've stayed on my diet, day 1 again. But I worry that tonight I will give in to the extreme hunger again because it is so tempting after my son is asleep and I'm no longer busy.
I have already tried the different techniques to deal with a big appetite, the main thing that works for me is accepting that I'm hungry all the time. The next two are drinking tea and sugar free gum. (I wish I could fast but I have to take meds throughout the day and before bed which require food or it causes gastritis which could get bad and has landed me in the hospital before)
I guess I lost my discipline. That's what I need most.
Along with the increased appetite some emotional stuff is going on in my life so I went back to my old "friend" that always is a comfort....food.
I do go to therapy once a week and I will talk about this again with her, but I was hoping for maybe some motivational words or support on here.
Thank you if you got this far.
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2022.01.21 18:23 YourBoyfriend0 23 M I’m hot?

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2022.01.21 18:23 No-Cauliflower-7385 HEEEELP

Guys, can you help for pass me this document.

God bless you

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2022.01.21 18:23 LeylandsLungs [Rumor] Surprise team enters Freddie Freeman fray

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2022.01.21 18:23 Long_wong_lee What would you want to see from a new serious sam game if you could make one?

What graphic style would you chose?
Where in the timeline would you base it?
What would the story build around?
I’m asking this, as i’m going to write a serious sam script for the next game (this is completely fan made) and just wanted to know what things should be added, or what people would want to see.
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2022.01.21 18:23 QUBEATZ "Losver" | Sad Type Beat | Prod. QUBEATZ

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2022.01.21 18:23 Xeris Last chance to sign up for Ubisoft's Rainbow 6 Collegiate Championship! NA college students get your teams together for a shot at $35,000 in prizes

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2022.01.21 18:23 okonkolero We need a Rumbavana Post 🎉

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